Meerkerk Terms of Service

This website and its related applications are owned and operated by Meerkerk, LLC. By visiting this website and accessing its services, you agree to follow the terms outlined in these terms of service.

1.0 – Definitions

• Meerkerk – Refers to Meerkerk, LLC, of Karadjordjeva 31 – Stari Grad, 11000 Beograd, Srbija. Meerkerk is the supplier of the content ordered through this website.

• Site – Refers to the website https:/ and its pages.

• Client – Refers to any organization or individual who purchases or creates an agreement to purchase services from Meerkerk.

• Contract – The agreement between Meerkerk and the Client. The Contract shall define the terms of the Client’s request and the terms that Meerkerk and the Client will meet in providing the work.

2.0 – This Site

This Site is for Clients who have need of the services provided by Meerkerk, which include content writing services, editing, translation, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and related services.

Access to the Site is offered free of charge and the Client may contact Meerkerk using the provided forms. All personal data provided to Meerkerk by the Client must be accurate and up to date. Meerkerk and the Site use your data as per the Site Privacy Policy.

Meerkerk reserves the right to restrict access to the Site, terminate Client accounts for the Site, and enforce these terms of service at its discretion.

3.0 – Content Ordering

All orders for services received through the Site or via alternative forms of contact shall be considered to be the initial stages of a Contract between Meerkerk and the Client. Meerkerk reserves the right to not accept an order from a Client for any reason. The Client and Meerkerk will create the terms of the Contract during the ordering process.

A Client can place an order via the Contact page on the Site. Clients must enter details in all fields of the form prior to submitting the order. A member of the Meerkerk team will then establish contact with the Client to form the Contract for services and the Client will receive an automatic subscription to the Meerkerk mailing list. This entitles the Client to the receipt of occasional newsletters via email that contain useful tips, information about discounts, and announcements. The Client may contact Meerkerk using the information in Section 13.0 at any time to rescind this subscription.

During the order process, the Client is liable for providing all information required to fulfill the order satisfactorily. This information shall form the basis of the Contract and payment is provisional on Meerkerk completing the work with the provided information.

The Client’s order must not infringe on existing copyrights, logos, trademarks, or other information not owned by the Client. Clients may not submit any slanderous, libelous, or obscene information when placing an order.

Meerkerk may offer discounts or promotional offers at its discretion. These may include seasonal promotions, referral discounts, and discounts for subscribing to Meerkerk or Site services, such as a newsletter. Meerkerk may also offer discounts on bulk orders at its discretion. The Client may only use a discount or promotional offer once unless otherwise specified in the terms of the discount or promotion.

4.0 – Content Delivery

Upon agreement of Contract terms, Meerkerk shall complete the order specified in the Contract. Following the completion of the order, Meerkerk shall deliver the work as per the terms of the Contact.

Meerkerk will deliver the work within the timeframe specified in the Contract and will complete the work with due care and ability.

Meerkerk may choose to terminate the Contract should the Client breach any terms of the Contract or these terms of service. Any payment made to Meerkerk prior to the breach of Contract will be non-refundable.

5.0 – Content Review and Requests

Upon delivery of the content, the Client has 14 days to review the content and make any requests for revisions. Any requests should be in line with the initial guidelines and project description provided by the Client. Meerkerk will offer repeated revisions to ensure the Client receives satisfactory work, assuming said revisions are based on information the Client provided to Meerkerk at the inception of the Contract/Project.

If the Client wishes to revise the content following the 14 day review period, Meerkerk may levy an additional charge at its discretion.

Meerkerk will charge an extra fee for any revisions based on new information and/or requirements the Client didn’t provide in the initial Contract/Project guidelines..

6.0 – Payment of Contract

Clients must pay 50% of the total Contract fee upon forming the Contract with Meerkerk. The final 50% is payable upon delivery of the content/service agreed upon in the Contract.

Clients may provide payment as per the payment methods in the Contract. This may include bank wire transfer, or payment via an online payment processor, such as PayPal.

Meerkerk reserves the right to adjust this payment structure on a per Client basis.

7.0 – Refunds

Meerkerk will refund 100% of the Client’s payment in cases where the Client is unhappy with the work and revisions do not bring the work up to the Client’s requests as specified in the Contract. The Client may also claim a 100% refund if Meerkerk is unable to complete the work as agreed and Meerkerk has exhausted any extensions placed on the Contract.

Clients lose eligibility for a refund if work is refused based on information the Client failed to provide to Meerkerk during the ordering and Contract creation processes. If Meerkerk has met all provided guidelines, it retains the right to request full payment.

If a Client opts to change the order terms outlined in the Contract mid-way through Meerkerk’s work on the Contract, the Client does not have the right to receive a refund for work completed under the previous terms. Any changes to a Contract in progress will require the creation of a new Contract between Meerkerk and the Client.

8.0 – Client Rights to Delivered Content

Meerkerk retains the copyright on all delivered content until the completion of payment and closing of the Contract. Meerkerk and the Client will close the Contract upon completion of work and any requested revisions that are in line with the terms specified in the Contract and made within the revision timeframe specified in Section 5.0.

Upon full payment of the amount agreed in the Contract, the Client receives full copyright for the work. When payment is not made in full, Meerkerk retains the copyright to the work.

In cases where there is no non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place or the Contract does not specify otherwise, Meerkerk reserves the right to place content on the Site as part of its portfolio. Meerkerk will always communicate its intentions to the Client and respect the Client’s wishes in this respect.

9.0 – Rights of Meerkerk

Meerkerk reserves the right to make updates to any aspect of the Site or its services without informing Site users or Clients. Meerkerk will make all relevant efforts to ensure any Contract it signs with a Client is in line with the information it presents on the Site.

Meerkerk may also choose to withdraw the service(s) it offers on the Site at any time and is not liable to Site users or Clients for refusing to form a Contract or for withdrawing a service from the Site.

Meerkerk reserves the right to use the Client’s identifying marks, including Client name, logo, etc., on the “Clients” page of the Site. Meerkerk will refrain from using this information, or remove it from the Site if it is already in use, at the Client’s request.

10.0 – Exclusions and Limitations of Liability

The information on this website, including these terms of service, are provided “as is”. Meerkerk applies the following limitations and exclusions in its liability:

• Any damage an individual or organization may experience through the use of this Site. This extends to the following:
o Loss of revenue, business, or profit.
o Damage to physical infrastructure, computer software, or other programs.
o The loss or corruption of data.
o All other damages, both direct and indirect.
• Any third-party or independent representations of Meerkerk, such as those found on review websites, testimonials, affiliate websites, and Client websites.
• Inaccuracies in Meerkerk literature, including this Site.

Meerkerk shall not be held liable for any delays or failures to fulfill a Contract as a result of Force Majeure. This covers the following circumstances:

• Strikes.
• Accidents.
• War.
• Fire.
• Failure of computer or communications systems.
• Power failures.
• Internet connectivity failures.
• System lockouts.

In such circumstances, Meerkerk reserves the right to ask for a reasonable extension on the Contract.

11.0 – Waiver

Any waivers, either written or implied, that Meerkerk offers in regards to its services on a Contract will not prevent it from enforcing its rights or these terms of services on future Contracts.

12.0 – Changes to Terms

Meerkerk reserves the right to edit these terms of service at any time without providing advance notice to Site users or Clients.

If the terms of service change while a Contract exists between Meerkerk and a Client, these changes will not affect the current Contract but will apply to all future Contracts or service renewals.

13.0 – Contacting Meerkerk

If a Site user or Client has any questions regarding these terms of service, they may contact Meerkerk in writing at the following address:

Meerkerk DOO
Karadjordjeva 31 – Stari Grad
11000 Beograd