video content marketing

Video Creation Services

Are you looking for a rich and immersive content format that grabs attention? A format that works across channels and devices and appeals to all audiences? Then you are looking for video content.

For most marketers, video is the type of content with the best ROI. Video can increase organic traffic to your website by 157% or more. On social media, videos can generate 1200% more shares than text and images. This includes longer videos (YouTube) and short videos (Facebook or Twitter). On landing pages, videos can increase conversions by 80%.

Let’s face it – it’s easier to press the Play button than it is to read an article or blog post. If you’re not using videos in your content marketing already, you should.

Affordable Video Marketing

You know why many companies and marketers don’t use video marketing? Because of the myth that video marketing is expensive.

But to make video marketing work for you, you don’t need a video production crew. You don’t need HD cameras, expensive video editing software or special effects.

Short, simple, and informative videos can help you reach your audience. They work across channels and platforms and look great on mobile.

Did you know that videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement?

Why Choose Our Video Creation Service

Every good video begins with a good script. To write a good script, we need to understand you – who you are, what you do, and how you do it. For us, this is a crucial aspect of the video creation process and we cut no corners. We make sure that every word in the video script is there because it needs to be there.

Once the script shines, we dedicate time to images and graphics. We put the same care into finding the right music for your video.

After the script, the images, and the music are ready, we bring them all together into a rich visual experience that conveys your message and reflects what you stand for.

If your video needs narration, we can add an authentic voice-over to it that enhances the visual experience it provides. Adding a voice-over to your video makes it even more engaging and helps keep viewers interested until the end.

What Type of Video Do You Need?

Video is a flexible content format that you can adapt to your needs. Here are some of the different types of video we can create for you:

  • Explainer Video – Clarify a concept, an idea, or a vision in an engaging way.
  • Tutorial Video – Don’t just tell your audience how to do something – show it to them in a video to make it easier for them to follow every step.
  • Team / Company / Brand Presentation Video – Introduce your team to customers and partners in a convincing way that makes them want to choose you over competitors.
  • Product Demonstration / Instruction / Unboxing Video – Give customers a better understanding of your product and how it works to boost your sales.
  • Customer Support Video – Use video to answer common customer questions to reduce support queries and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Educational Video – Turn your lesson or course into a rich visual experience that improves engagement and information retention rates.

Whether you want to use video to inform, entertain, or sell, we can help you.