Showcasing authenticity through engaging content

Being yourself is what it’s all about. And for us, it’s all about you. We take your ideas, your visions and your goals and put them into words. We create fresh, honest and punchy content that accurately reflects your business or brand and speaks to a global audience in an authentic voice. We create content that builds trust and converts your readers into subscribers and your prospects into customers. Bold, multidimensional and personal. That's us. We love what we do, and this translates into results.

Work with us

100% Infused creativity

We are fortunate enough to have creative minds on staff who like to break the barrier of what’s achievable.

Tailor-made content

Your content needs to suit your business perfectly, like a bespoke garment. No limit on possibilities, regardless of complexity.

Fast turnaround

Quality always comes first but speed is important, too. Speed spawns productivity and improves focus.

Bulk order and loyalty discounts

Client experience is very important to us. If you think big, we’ll give you a boost. If you return, we’ll reward your loyalty.


Who are we

We are Meerkerk, a peculiar synergy of polymaths, word buffs and cake addicts. We derive inspiration from our eclectic range of interests and fuel our work with a blend of high energy and optimism. Armed with intrinsic motivation, globe-trotting spirit and genuine passion for life, technology and how things work, we have the means to understand many different business models and deliver content that will create the right kind of buzz.

How we started

We started out Meerkerk with a passion for novelty and the drive to create a contemporary marketing channel that would assist trend-setting businesses, entrepreneurs and brainstormers in communicating ideas and visions to a clearly-defined market and expanding their reach globally. Always tuned in and up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and practices, we create work that’s fresh, honest and that delivers results.

What can you expect

We believe that the X-factor in any successful marketing campaign is well-written content packed full of personality that will engage readers right off the bat. This is exactly what we strive to offer. Our zeal and knack for words give us the incentive to research any given topic thoroughly, write across genres, adapt to any style of writing to properly convey your message to the target audience or simply caffeinate your existing content to wake up your readership.