Content Translation Services

They say that something always gets lost in translation. That’s true, but only if you try to translate word for word. Add a good understanding of your audience and some creativity, and you can see better results.

How to Get Translations Right

Many things can get lost in translation – tone, intent, style, vibrancy. When carelessly translated, a good article or web page may read okay but it won’t be persuasive.

Even when the translator is experienced, a translation may still come out flat and dull. This happens if he or she does not understand what your organization does and what it aims for.

A good translation needs time to grow. Giving translators time to follow the text itself to the source is often the best way to preserve, and sometimes even enhance, the original.

In some cases, a simple translation is not enough. Cultural differences, language limitations, or questions of style can get in the way. When that happens, your text needs to be reworked from the original into the target language. We can call that process localization.

How We Translate Your Content

We have embraced a creative approach to content translation. While we stay faithful to the intent and nuances of the original, we use linguistic creativity to side-step language barriers. It may not always be possible to translate a text word for word. But it’s always possible to describe a concept in a different language. We use concepts, as opposed to words, as our starting point.

Our team of translators includes native, bilingual speakers. Our translators are sensible to the nuances and undertones of language. They are experienced copywriters and master different web writing styles. This ensures that your message always gets across.

This is how we do it:

  • We trace your content to its roots, to understand the why, the how, and the when
  • We place the translation in context
  • We use language creatively to overcome cultural barriers and linguistic limitations
  • We ensure the new translation is as easy to read as the original
  • We double-check the translation for accuracy
  • We edit and revise translation based on native feedback

When done well, content translation and localization can help improve your brand’s online visibility. Whether you want to translate an article or a whole website, you can count on us. Our translation services are backed by our copywriting and marketing knowledge. This makes our end product both persuasive and compelling.