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An e-book is a powerful tool that can help you grow authority. It can become valuable evergreen content, generating leads months and years later. It can be the perfect complement to your site, or it can be the centerpiece of your marketing strategy.

Why an E-book?

An e-book can gather the wisdom of your blog and pack it in a beautiful and enjoyable format. It can address a specific problem your audience is facing. Or bring together a comprehensive list of resources.

Even if you have to create it from scratch, an e-book can be a valuable investment. It connects you to your audience on a deeper level than your site or social media pages. It makes your organization more memorable.

A good e-book is more than a marketing bait. While you can use one to capture leads, we believe e-books can do much more…

Provide effective solutions to problems your audience is facing
Tell a persuasive story, the story of your brand
Highlight case studies and the best you have to offer, without making it sound like marketing

In an e-book, you can include links to your website and social pages, calls to action, contact information, and more. People who download your e-book may keep it on their devices for months, perhaps even years. They can go back to it at any time. In this way, an e-book can increase brand familiarity.

Another great thing about e-books is that they market themselves. If people find your e-book useful, they will recommend it.

How We Create an E-book from Start to Finish

A good e-book needs more than good text. Its design, formatting, and presentation all play a major role in your audience’s response to it. We believe that an e-book should be more than a patchwork of content gathered from other sources. It should be a unique experience, even if it treats a commonplace subject.

  • We understand your audience to determine the best way to present your content
  • We research the material thoroughly, looking for relevant sources
  • We cite all sources and provide useful links
  • We design and format your e-book professionally, using award-winning design tools
  • We choose high-quality images and other visuals that enhance the content
  • We pack your e-book into a convenient, mobile-friendly format
  • We market it to your target audience

Do you want your e-book to be a collection of your best blog posts or social media tips? A straightforward 10-page guide? A flowing narrative of your brand’s history?

E-books offer you a rich format that you can shape into whatever you need.

Whether you want us to weave a narrative about your brand or just tell the facts, you can count on our experience and creativity. Tells us your idea and we can start from there.