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How to Organize Your Desk for More Creativity

When we want to write creatively, we tend to focus on the inner organization of our writing, rather than the outer organization of our desk. But it turns out that organizing our desk the right way can make us more creative, and also more productive.

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Emotional Content Versus Factual Content

Behind any piece of emotional content there's usually a good story. Whether this is a story of someone overcoming challenges or only an amusing case study, it grabs our attention and arouses our curiosity. Often, the stories that emotional content tells are more persuasive than facts, however powerful these may be.

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Creativity-Enhancing Colors – What Colors You Need in Your Workspace

Stop for a moment and visualize your workspace. If you happen to be at your desk now, look around you. What colors predominate? Are they upbeat, inspiring, or rather dull? Are you seeing colors that inspire creativity?

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